‘Vulnerable’ means “capable of being physically or emotionally wounded or hurt,” and is a synonym for ‘powerless’ in the sense of ‘helpless’ or ‘weak.’  We are constantly bombarded with messages that teach us vulnerability is undesirable, unhealthy, even unsexy; that to be happy we must be free from pain and hurts of all sorts.  This is fine in the day to day survival paradigm of dog-eat-dog, only the strong survive temporal existence.  It just doesn’t carry over to the emotional, spiritual side of our human experience.

In this video, Brene Brown connects the dots with research showing that, far from being undesirable, vulnerability is necessary for real happiness and mental health.  She puts a lot of material in this brief clip; it’s worth listening to more than once.

How do you feel about the notion that vulnerability is a good thing?  Are there times when you can let yourself be vulnerable and feel ok with it?